Disco Mirage

Sa, 22. Jun 2024

21:00—06:00 Uhr


Allow us to invite you to the enchanting world of Disco Mirage!

Join us on June 22nd at Flucc Deck, starting at 9 PM, for an evening of mesmerizing melodies and rhythmic marvels.

Featuring an illustrious lineup: Ikati, Ky-Lani, DJ ÆLoisie, Kormos b2b Nick Hanzo, Novioxx, Dimi3 !

Line-Up (in order of appearance):

- Ikati (@ikatimusic) - A South African-Chilean artist blending Down Tempo, Ethno Techno, Tribal House, and Folktronica with strong African influences.

- Ky-Lani (@ky_lani) - Born in Siberia, raised in Germany, living in Vienna, Berlin, and Lisbon, she interweaves beats and sounds from global traditions, creating musical and spiritual bridges.

- DJ ÆLoisie (@gibihm3000_akamrsmidnightsnack) - The queen of house music in Vienna, known for her eclectic sets mixing techno, Italo disco, and pop.

- Kormos (@kormosvie @disskorienta.art ) - A 22-year-old Vienna-based DJ and producer, Arda Eren, known for psychedelic indie tunes and live, hybrid, and DJ sets.

- Nick Hanzo (@nickhanzo) - Previously of HanzoandYaman, now solo with BellyDanceServices, fusing Trippy House, Disco, Leftfield, IDM, and techno.

- Novioxx (@novioxx @javiergre_) - Co-founder of @latinbootleg events, this Peruvian DJ explores club music with experimental atmospheres and Latin influences.

- Dimi3 (@dimi3.at @mf44_vie) - Vienna-based DJ blending house, breakbeat, acid techno, and trance; also an organizer of underground Latin Rakata parties and acid tech Hofmann’s Secrets parties.

This event is donation-based, fostering a spirit of community and creativity. We uphold principles of respect and unity, denouncing discrimination and violence. Let's celebrate music and connection under the shimmering lights of Disco Mirage.